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  1. Alejandro
    Alejandro says:

    Tattoo U’s comprehensive curriculum and expert instructor (Daniel Silva) demystified every step, from needle selection to shading techniques. Now, with each tattoo I ink, I see my skills level up, and my confidence soars. Tattoo University was the bridge I needed to cross from wannabe to artist, and I’ll forever be grateful.

  2. Mark K.
    Mark K. says:

    I was lost in tattoo tutorials online, overwhelmed and frustrated. Tattoo U gave me clear steps, real practice, and a supportive community. Now, my lines are clean, my designs pop, and I actually feel like I can tattoo!

  3. Luna Inkwell
    Luna Inkwell says:

    My mom always said I dreamt in ink. My sketchbooks were filled with intricate designs, but translating them onto flesh felt like deciphering ancient hieroglyphics. Then I stumbled upon Tattoo U, and everything clicked like a perfectly-tuned rotary machine. Their dynamic lessons felt like whispers from tattooing masters, guiding my unsteady hand into confident lines and vibrant blends. Now, with each needle dip, I see my dreams bleeding onto skin, vibrant and alive. Tattoo U didn’t just teach me technique, they unlocked the ink-stained artist within. I’m no longer just dreaming in ink, I’m living it!

  4. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Before Tattoo University, I was lost in a sea of YouTube tutorials and conflicting online advice. My lines were shaky, my shading patchy, and confidence was at an all-time low. Then I found Daniel Silva’s structured courses, clear explanations, and supportive community. Now, each stroke feels deliberate, my designs are cohesive, and I finally feel like a real tattoo artist in the making. Thanks, Tattoo U, for turning my shaky lines into solid dreams!

  5. Max, Future Tattoo Master
    Max, Future Tattoo Master says:

    My tattoos looked like stick figures drawn by a blindfolded toddler. Then Tattoo U showed me the light – and the shadowing! Now, my designs rock and my lines don’t wobble. Thanks, Tattoo U!

  6. Floydessa A.
    Floydessa A. says:

    As an aspiring tattoo artist, Tattoo University has proven to be an indispensable resource for my craft. The detailed guidance and artistic insights provided have elevated my work to unprecedented levels. If you are dedicated to advancing your tattooing skills, I wholeheartedly recommend Tattoo University – a true industry game-changer!

  7. Audley
    Audley says:

    Tattoo University has truly been a game-changer in my journey as a tattoo artist. The wealth of knowledge and step-by-step guidance offered on their platform has not only honed my technical skills but also ignited my creativity.

  8. Indigo Sky, Tattoo Apprentice
    Indigo Sky, Tattoo Apprentice says:

    Traded my paintbrush for a liner pen, then traded confusion for mastery with Tattoo University. Now, my skin-canvases whisper thanks in vibrant hues.

  9. Sherrie Watson
    Sherrie Watson says:

    For anyone serious about mastering the art of tattooing, Tattoo University is not just a resource – it’s a transformative experience that fuels your passion and refines your craft!

  10. Harper
    Harper says:

    Hey, I’m Harper Cruz, and Tattoo University’s tutorials have been a game-changer. They’ve polished my tattooing skills and inspired my creativity to new heights.

  11. Max
    Max says:

    I can’t express enough how grateful I am for Tattoo University video tutorials. They’ve truly taken my tattooing skills to the next level. The comprehensive lessons and hands-on demonstrations have made learning a joy, and I can confidently create beautiful artwork now.

  12. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    I can’t believe the progress I’ve made with Tattoo University’s video tutorials. Daniel breaks down complex techniques into easy-to-follow steps, and their diverse range of tutorials caters to artists of all levels. Thanks to Tattoo University, I’ve found my true passion for tattooing!

  13. Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee says:

    I have to give a shoutout to Tattoo University! Their video tutorials are nothing short of amazing. From fundamentals to advanced techniques, their instructors are fantastic guides. I’ve gained so much confidence in my tattooing skills, all thanks to Tattoo University’s comprehensive and engaging lessons.

  14. Mark Thompson
    Mark Thompson says:

    As a budding tattoo artist, their platform has been an invaluable resource. The step-by-step instructions and artistic insights have taken my work to new heights. If you’re serious about tattooing, I highly recommend Tattoo University – a game-changer in the industry!

  15. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    I absolutely love the video tutorials at Tattoo University! They’re so engaging and well-explained that you can’t help but learn and enjoy the whole process. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the art of tattooing.

  16. Ashley T.
    Ashley T. says:

    I can’t say enough good things about Tattoo University’s video tutorials! Daniel’s expertise and enthusiasm for tattoo art shine through in every lesson. He’s made the learning process fun and rewarding. Thanks to Tattoo University, I now feel confident and inspired to create incredible tattoo designs. Don’t hesitate to join the Tattoo University community – it’s a game-changer!

  17. Jordan Ramirez
    Jordan Ramirez says:

    I have to share how much Tattoo University’s video tutorials have impacted my tattooing journey. The depth of knowledge and practical tips provided by Daniel is exceptional. Each tutorial is like having a personal mentor guiding you through the artistry. I’m grateful for the skills I’ve acquired and the newfound passion for tattooing.

  18. Samantha S.
    Samantha S. says:

    I’m Samantha Scott, and I can’t praise Tattoo University’s video tutorials enough! Their comprehensive lessons have been instrumental in enhancing my tattooing skills. Daniel’s attention to detail and artistic approach make each tutorial enjoyable and enlightening. Thanks to Tattoo University, I’ve gained the confidence I need.

  19. Emily
    Emily says:

    I just had to share my excitement about Daniel’s video tutorials! Their detailed guidance and passion for tattoo art have been incredibly inspiring. Thanks to his videos, I’ve honed my skills and discovered my own unique style.

  20. Raktim
    Raktim says:

    Thank you sir .
    Honestly I am telling you . You are a brilliant tattoo artist … You kindhearted also..
    Becaus other tattoo artist did not share any information contained…
    Thanks for this traning

  21. Magic
    Magic says:

    Man, you are the best. I knew u on YouTube before I even knew that u went for inkmaster. I was very happy when I came across ur video on ink master because I knew from the start that u would kick ass. I hope to learn more from your class. U are a blessing. Thank you

  22. Jeff kadenge
    Jeff kadenge says:

    Daniel silva was my icon when i was a teen seeing him dominate in ink masters him being self taught tattoo artist inspired me to be a tattoo artist.Even though am very very young in my career like with less skills and not enough resources to even equip myself with a good tattoo kit,every advice and timelapse I see on david silva’s youtube channel and instragram page gives me the hope that one day I may be the best tattoo artist in sub-saharan africa.David Silva you’re my icon and my idol and even though now am struggling am never gonna give up on my dreams

  23. Kelvin
    Kelvin says:

    Nice…. Lucky for me I was a photographer before I got into tattooing….. Am from Nigeria and started tattooing after I saw your works….. I wish to change the tattoo game here…. We have lots of bad artist here😭

  24. Alejandra Ambriz
    Alejandra Ambriz says:

    Hey I am currently 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. I am really determined to become a tattoo artist and was hoping that you can check out my art on Instagram and dm me about what you think. My Instagram is @aammbbrriizz , so if it is not too much to ask for I really hope you check it out and tell me what you think. Also you are my biggest inspiration for doing tattoos so I really hope this goal of mine comes true.

  25. Kristine Vodon
    Kristine Vodon says:

    Thanks for the free intro video, I’m really tempted to look into your courses. Can I ask here what wireless power supply you used with the Bishop in this video?

  26. Prachin palvekar
    Prachin palvekar says:

    Hello sir, i watch your eatch and every vidoe but i dont have budget to join your course becuse i am from very small town…i want to explore my work but there is no trend for tattoo…i learn advance techniques from your video and i learned lots of things after that i noticed improvements in my work thats why i got first award in competition..i am saving money to join your course. ..And my dream is to once i meet you in my life.. one day my dream comes true…thank you so much for guiding us and god bless you.

  27. Christian
    Christian says:

    I have been in the Trade for a Good 30 years by now and ist sure wears you out.
    After Seeing the progressive aproach that you Display in your Channel, I am starting to get hooked again.
    To a Point where i truely considder to Join your University.
    I Hand my Convention Times and tattooed celebritys like the Back Street Boys, but it sure is not Easy to stay motivated.
    Keep the Good work up
    You Made my day

  28. Geoff
    Geoff says:

    Hey Daniel,
    Just wanted to say your works incredible. Love watching your time lapse videos. Appreciate all the time and effort you put into helping others learn. Looking forward to taking the course.

  29. Kyle Hood
    Kyle Hood says:

    Been following you since angels (wish it was before), knew you’d be a force to be reckoned with. Being from the bay, beyond happy you’re the one who came up with this. Can’t wait to see where your input brings me!

    • Daniel Silva
      Daniel Silva says:

      Thank you so much for the support! I truly believe this will be a revolutionary way to help artists grow. And therefore giving clients the art they deserve

      • Mauricio
        Mauricio says:

        Hola Daniel soy un fiel admirador tuyo, eres un fenómeno quisiera ser al menos el 5 % de lo que eres como Artista espero unirme a tu programar virtual algún día.

    • Daniel Silva
      Daniel Silva says:

      Thank you I truly appreciate your support!!
      Leave any comments below the videos if you have further questions I’ll do my best to answer them once a day!!

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